About Us

     The Dock is a Carry Out and Drive Thru store that has been in business since 1966. Sue Miller is the current Owner as of 1990. Jan. 2005 there was a Flood on CR 1A where the water was to the building and since Sue Miller took ownership that is the highest the water has ever been other than being to the back edge of the parking lot. The business is conveniently located off SR 36/16 opposite side of the Lake Park SR 83 Turn off.

     The Dock offers a variety of items such as Wine, Beer (Bottle & Canned), Live Bait & Tackle, Soft Drinks (Bottle & Canned), Small Sandwiches, Snacks (Chips, Peanuts, Beef Jerky and more), Gum, Small Bags of Tootsie Rolls, Live Fish (Gold & Other), Coffee, Hats, News Papers, Lottery, Chew, Cigarettes, Misc. Batteries, Lighters, Propane (New and Exchange), Some Basic Camping items, Bread, Buns, Oil, Power Steering and much more.

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